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Traditional values,
modern health care

Welcome to our Private GP service, where your health is our priority. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional medical care in a warm and welcoming environment.
We take a holistic approach to your problems and concerns, with access to modern tests and scans.
We are located in Rivers Hospital, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, and we have access to a multitude of tests, scans and specialist consultants to tailor your care.

Asian female Doctor and patient are discussing something ,Having Consultation,Medical phys

Services we offer

✔️  30 minute GP appointments

✔️  Medical screening and health checks

✔️  Blood tests

✔️  Scans: X-rays, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scans

✔️  Cervical Smear

✔️  On-site Pharmacy

✔️  Referrals to Specialist consultants

✔️  Visa application medicals

✔️  On-site Physiotherapists

✔️  Vaccinations

Why use a private GP?

✔️  You want to see a doctor quickly

✔️  You want to spend longer with your doctor

✔️  You want access to tests quickly

✔️  You need a referral for your insurance company

✔️  You want continuity of care with a team who can get to know you

✔️  You are looking for a medical checkup or screening that is not available on the NHS

✔️  You want a vaccination that is not available on the NHS

✔️  You have a problem you wish to discuss discreetly

We do not provide a service for accidents and emergencies - please call 999 or visit your nearest A&E department if you are seeking urgent medical care.

We work on an 'appointment only' basis and the doctor will only see you if you have booked an appointment.

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